Photon Emission (PEM’s)

Checkpoint Technologies’ Photon Emission Microscopes (PEM) are the industry leader in sensitivity and resolution. The InfraScan product family can be equipped with a variety of cameras to suit its customers’ needs. The camera selection include variations of the following types of cameras; Si CCD, InGaAs and MCT.

The SI CCD cameras available are deep depletion SI CCD to extend their responsivity further into the NIR region of the spectrum. This allows for basic backside PEM functionality while keeping the ease and responsivity of the visible spectrum for front side IC FA work too.

The specialized InGaAs cameras that are available in the InfraScan product family, come in either liquid nitrogen cooled (LN2) or thermo-electrically cooled (TEC) versions. The TEC cool version is an easy to use low maintenance camera that is quickly cooled to -60C. At this temperature, the blackbody radiation is reduced to the point where the camera is capable of integrating for several minutes. This is cost effect solution for customers who need to perform backside PEM consistently but are not pushing the edges of IC technologies.

Checkpoint has a custom built LN2 cooled InGaAs camera that further reduces the blackbody radiation and allows for customers to integrate for 10’s of minutes. The responsivity of the InGaAs array is 900-1650 nm. The low noise in this camera leads the industry in sensitivity and resolution. This camera is designed for customers that are looking a low leakage parts and need to see sub-nA issues.

Lastly, Checkpoint has designed an extremely low noise, LN2 cooled, MCT camera. The responsivity of the MCT array is 400-2500 nm. This camera comes equipped with an integrated optical filter wheel that allows users to select the wavelength regime in which they want to work. The design of the optics and camera gives the users long integration times >10 minutes and great resolution for the new <10 nm IC technologies and low voltages < 500 mV.