Laser Scanning Microscopy

Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM’s)

Checkpoint Technologies’ proprietary con-focal laser scanning microscopes (LSM) have been in use in the semiconductor failure analysis field for over 20 years. These custom designed and configurable microscopes are capable of supporting near IR (NIR) and visible (Vis) wavelengths. Each microscope is capable of up to three wavelengths that produce industry leading imaging.

Coupled with the LSM’s is Checkpoint Technologies ASP-2000 for use in passive laser scanning techniques such as TIVA, LIVA, OBIRCH, OBIC and SEI. The ASP-2000 contains a 4 quadrant source that can deliver both positive and negative voltages and currents to the device under test (DUT). The standard ASP-2000 can deliver up to+/-60V or +/-3 A. Included, in the ASP-2000 are user selectable band pass filter that are used to help reduce the noise in the measurements. The high voltage version of the ASP-2000 HV can provide up to 2kV to the DUT in OBIRCH mode.

Checkpoint’s LSM’s are also capable of dynamic laser scanning techniques such as, SDL, RIL and LADA. The LSM’s pixel clock has external trigger to synchronize the pixels with the DUT’s test loop. Checkpoint’s custom 16 bit digitizer allows its customers to average data and precisely locates SDL and LADA hits.