About Us

Checkpoint Technologies develops and manufactures innovative optical failure analysis tools used by semiconductor manufacturers to improve the speed and reliability of integrated circuits. Our products, which range from OEM components to fully-integrated, end-user solutions, reflect our fundamental commitment to maximizing value by adapting technology to meet specific market needs.

Our market-leading solutions are chosen consistently by the largest manufacturers in the semiconductor industry for their unequalled speed and accuracy in locating subtle electrical faults within the vastly complex microelectronic structures that constitute modern integrated circuits. Our failure analysis systems enable our customers to ramp new processes to profitable, high-yield, high-volume production faster, and be first to market with new products that command high-margin, premium prices. Our scanners and other OEM components are found in virtually every semiconductor failure analysis lab in the world. By investing deliberately in quality and reliability at every step of the design and manufacturing process, we have built an unrivaled reputation for rock solid dependability, with near-zero downtime for maintenance and repair.

From the beginning, we have vigorously pursued a collaborative, customer-driven approach to product development, intimately informed by the expert knowledge and practical experience of our users. We actively seek the guidance of our customer base in defining new capabilities and identifying market opportunities that leverage our core competence—the intelligent integration of optical, mechanical, electrical and software engineering expertise—to develop innovative and valuable solutions to real customer problems.

Founded in 1995, Checkpoint Technologies is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA.