Laser Scanning Microscopy

Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM’s)

Checkpoint Technologies’ proprietary con-focal laser scanning microscopes (LSM) have been in use in the semiconductor failure analysis field for over 20 years. These custom designed and configurable microscopes are capable of supporting near IR (NIR) and visible (Vis) wavelengths. Each microscope is capable of up to three wavelengths that produce industry leading imaging. Coupled with […]

Photon Emission (PEM’s)

Checkpoint Technologies’ Photon Emission Microscopes (PEM) are the industry leader in sensitivity and resolution. The InfraScan product family can be equipped with a variety of cameras to suit its customers’ needs. The camera selection include variations of the following types of cameras; Si CCD, InGaAs and MCT. The SI CCD cameras available are deep depletion […]

Optical Wavelengths

InfraScan™ LTM

Checkpoint’s InfraScan LTM option can be installed on either InfraScan 400TDM or InfraScan ES400 system chassis. The LTM option is a laser probe that uses the reflected light from the LSM to create both signal mapped images (SMI’s) and electrical waveforms from the DUT. Collecting the reflected light from the DUT while it’s being tested […]

SIL Objectives

Solid Immersion Lens Objectives (SIL’s)

Solid Immersion Lens (SIL) objectives are used to increase the numerical aperture (NA) of an optical system to increase the resolution; therefore, enabling the user to see smaller IC geometries. Additionally, the higher the NA derived from a SIL improves the collection efficiency of the system. Checkpoint has designed and built SIL’s for the FA […]